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The Internet Got So Big, Extreme SEO was the Only Answer

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My name is Ross Barefoot. I’m the founder of Extreme Exposure Promotions LLC, but I wasn’t always a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Extremist.

I started building websites in 1998, when Amazon was Amazon Books and nobody except math geeks knew what “google” was. Almost immediately my clients wanted to know how to get their websites to come up in search. Search Engine Optimization was just starting to enter the vocabulary of web developers, and I took my first “SEO” training from Search Engine Academy in 2002.

At that time, the little-known search engine pictured at right was bragging about indexing over a billion web pages. That seemed ridiculously large.

Google home page, 2001

 By the time we were into the double digits of this millennium (namely 2011), Google had stopped bragging about how many websites it had indexed because the number was too big (they now say it’s “hundreds of billions”)

It also had become obvious that we needed to focus our company primarily on SEO, which is what we did from 2012 forward, providing SEO training and consulting services. This tight area of practice is the “extreme” part of Extreme Exposure Promotions, LLC. We know that it requires focus to keep up with this enormous — and fast changing — world of search.

(To be clear, we still do offer website development services, but we do so primarily to provide a way to promote your business in search.)

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