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Ross Barefoot

October 5, 2022

September was a month of change for me personally as well as for my former employer, Horizon Web Marketing.

The owner and founder of Horizon, Roy Nakamura, decided this past summer that he wanted to pursue a different professional path. Roy will remain in the field of digital consulting, but adopt the role of a senior consultant. (If you’d like to reach him, you still can by emailing roy@horizonwebmarketing.com.) For this reason, Roy sought out ways of making that happen. He and I had many discussions about the changes it would require at Horizon Web Marketing, especially in how we would insure service for Horizon customers. Roy and I wanted to make sure that a high standard of service was guaranteed for all the faithful clients that Horizon has served over the years. We agreed that I would take over those responsibilities, and over the previous 2 months, we’ve been making that happen.

Picture of Extreme Exposure Promotions CEO Ross Barefoot, vertical

So, who am I?

I’m Ross Barefoot, and I’ve worked with Roy for the past 10 years as the CTO of Horizon. Before that, I was already established in the world of web development and SEO with two different companies I had founded in the late ’90s: FLEXISS, a web design firm, and Extreme Exposure Promotions, an SEO training and consulting company. I came to work for Horizon first as a professional trainer, then a consultant, and finally an employee and the CTO. At the time I sold my web development company to a key employee, but I did not close down Extreme Exposure Promotions (EEP). EEP retreated on to the proverbial “back burner” during this period of my own career. As of 9/30/2022, Horizon Web Marketing is no longer in business, but the services that Horizon customers had come to count on are still alive and well with Extreme Exposure Promotions. This is an exciting transition. EEP is currently a team of 6 highly trained SEO, SEM and Web techs (Nick, Matt, Zeke, Josiah, Alek and Jack). Not to mention our eagle-eyed admin (Jackie) and our content manager (who you know from the Horizon days, Carolyn). Plus one partially trained owner, me! We’re glad to have you around. If you need more information about this business transition, or anything else in the world of digital marketing, just let me know.

Keep an eye on this space.

The changes that have occurred lately have come at an unexpectedly fast pace. This website is relatively new and it does tell our full story. We will be adding more details as we go, so make sure to check back. But please be patient, because here at Extreme, we take care of our clients first.


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